Harlow Whittaker & the Soothsayers Cover

Stars: 4


Har­low Whit­tak­er is a spunky nine­teen-year-old who prefers sar­casm to let­ting peo­ple in. Her bro­ken heart (due to her ex’s inabil­i­ty to accept the vision she had of her dead grand­moth­er when she was twelve) quick­ly mends as she meets Larken. Can he be more dreamy? Motor­cy­cle, leather­jack­et, black angel­ic wings …

She is the first human sooth­say­er, and now she needs to find the oth­er sooth­say­ers, pre­ferrably before one of the myr­i­ad of head­hunters and oth­er unsavoury crea­tures gets to her. By her side she has three guardians, known as Archers. Larken can trav­el through the worlds eas­i­er, Fin is a heal­er, and Hen­drix has charms that can do the most impres­sive things.

Do they reach the Sooth­say­ers? Now, that would be telling!

This is a real­ly good read. A mod­ern fan­ta­sy with inter­est­ing char­ac­ters and nice­ly lay­ered con­flicts and action. I rec­om­mend it whole­heart­ed­ly, as it’s very well writ­ten. The sequel is com­ing out in June 2014.

The one thing that low­ers the grade from 5 stars down to “only” 4 is that it’s lack­ing some in the edit­ing. The point of views are occa­sion­al­ly a bit strange, and the occa­sion­al sen­tence is a touch awk­ward. How­ev­er, don’t let that stop you from read­ing it. Valerie Day-Sánchez spins a very, very vivid world.