Antipathia Cover

Stars: 5


Nev­er have I been hap­pi­er to not see a book writ­ten in first per­son! Tal­itha Curie is, frankly, not a very lik­able per­son. She is an angsty teenag­er who’s com­pletel­ly con­trary with edges in every direc­tion. That’s part of the charm of this book, though I’m glad it starts off with action in the first chap­ter. That, to me, buys the time for the author to make us start car­ing about Tal before things real­ly get twist­ed.

The cast is inter­est­ing, from the over­ly chip­per Danielle with her strong faith, through the mys­te­ri­ous (and real­ly cute) Christophe and the frail Miran­da who might col­lapse at a stiff breeze. I like the feel­ing of oth­er­ness

My main com­plaint about it? It was too short! I could’ve con­tin­ued read­ing about them for sev­er­al more thou­sand words after the sto­ry was fin­ished, and it fin­ished as strong­ly as it start­ed. A real super­nat­ur­al sto­ry draw­ing on ele­ments of leg­ends while putting its’ own twist to it.