• Writing Process

    As I’ve seen how oth­er peo­ple work, I’ve decid­ed that it’s time to share my process, from ini­tial idea to a fin­ished sto­ry.

  • Meet my character: Katja from A Burial Ground of Dreams

    I was kind­ly invit­ed to this blog hop by the utter­ly love­ly Can­dice Mont­gomery. She also helped me set­tle on intro­duc­ing Kat­ja, my ‘bisex­u­al black Swedish fash­ion-design­er-turned-Valkyr­ia’. 1) What is the name of your char­ac­ter? I’m Kat­ja. And this is … Con­tin­ued

  • Stones at Greby Burial Field

    NaNoWriMo 2014

    Inspired by Sarah Kettle’s NaNo, I decid­ed to post some­thing as well. Last year’s NaNo was actu­al­ly the same thing as the one I attempt­ed 2012, but very much refo­cused. Since I fin­ished the first draft, I’ve out­lined the sequel … Con­tin­ued

  • Ramblings

    Mom, I nev­er smile.” A nine-year-old me had already rec­og­nized one of the key dif­fer­ences between myself and my peers. It would, how­ev­er, be anoth­er twelve years before my depres­sion was diag­nosed. We didn’t talk about men­tal issues. Not, I … Con­tin­ued

  • Revision control for writers

    We all know about the more com­mon ways of deal­ing with backup/revisions. It’s along these lines: Copy file Paste file Rename file with a date Copy fold­er with all the revi­sions to a spare harddrive/etc Now, I’m fair­ly tech­savy (which … Con­tin­ued

  • I need help! Something’s gone wrong!

    First, don’t pan­ic. Everything’s going to feel bet­ter after a relax­ing cup of tea. Sec­ond, let’s fig­ure out the prob­lem. I’m on Kod­ing and I got X error/Y hap­pened This is like­ly either a tem­po­rary hic­cup or an actu­al bug. … Con­tin­ued

  • I don’t know anything about programming

    I’ve been spend­ing a lot of time on Kod­ing late­ly. It’s been called Face­book for pro­gram­mers, because it’s a com­bined activ­i­ty feed and vir­tu­al machine that you can use for devel­op­ment. Out­side of spe­cif­ic ques­tions on how to do X … Con­tin­ued