A few days ago, I end­ed up talk­ing a bit extra with the awe­some Olivia Foust, one of many writer­ly tweeps I talk to on an irreg­u­lar basis. For what­ev­er rea­son we even­tu­al­ly end­ed up on her recent par­tak­ing in a WIP Blog Tour. She hadn’t nom­i­nat­ed any­one, so sug­gest­ed that if I was inter­est­ed, she would.

I agreed, so here’s my con­tri­bu­tion. I’m plan­ning on nominating/linking to four of my oth­er awe­some tweeps, though I see no rea­son to pres­sure them if they are not inter­est­ed in actu­al­ly tak­ing part (or, for that mat­ter, have already done it). They’re still awe­some.

My workspace

Laptop with paper mug of coffee

That picture’s tak­en on the train, show­ing Scriven­er with this man­u­script open, in par­tic­u­lar at Chap­ter 4 (Unex­pect­ed Allies). The mug is a lat­te, and the yel­low block is the cell­phone I’m surf­ing via.


  • Link the per­son who nom­i­nat­ed you
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Maw of Eternal Darkness

I have sev­er­al WIPs, but decid­ed to go with the one that I have the most writ­ten on. It’s Epic Fan­ta­sy (I also call it Young Adult, but I’ve had peo­ple claim it doesn’t feel that way, so I will leave that up in the air), set in a world inspired by the Norse mythol­o­gy, as well as oth­er sources of medieval/pre-medieval cul­tures. It is meant to be fan­tas­tic, and even in places have a sense of whim­sy. To a large extent it fol­lows the tropes of clas­sic Swedish fairy tales such as Prince Hat Under­ground.

Orig­i­nal­ly it start­ed as a small free-writ­ing sketch that promised eroti­cism, with a bar­bar­ian kid­nap­ping a princess from a tow­er. In the free-writ­ing, the princess turned out to be chained to the wall, which intrigued me. After a while I want­ed to get away from the nor­mal tropes, so decid­ed to make the bar­bar­ian female, but in the first ver­sion it end­ed com­ing off as trans­pho­bic (at least in my eyes), so I rewrote it.

In the cur­rent ver­sion, Lynes­sa is a princess in a some­what Eng­lish-esque king­dom called Keer. She is kid­napped by the Wild Hunt and tak­en to their keep of ice to be their Jarlswoman, the wife of the Jarl (think King) Van­lan­di. Among the North­ern­ers clans, gen­der is decid­ed on the say-so of the spir­its, not any phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics, which con­fus­es Lynes­sa as her sup­posed-hus­band is (per her) a woman.

When the Sun-Child (who is car­ried across the heav­ens by the Rid­er) is swal­lowed by the wolf hunt­ing them, the young Jarl Van­lan­di takes it on him­self to recov­er the sun. The spirits–as inter­pret­ed by the Vala (Seer)–demand that Lynes­sa accom­pa­ny him. Through their adven­tures, the damsel-y princess finds a strength with­in she would nev­er have imag­ined.

My inten­tions are to post the first act–chapter by chap­ter, as I revise it to draft 2–on Wattpad, and once it’s fin­ished decide whether I will go Indie pub­lish­ing, or court an agent/publisher.

Chapter 1: The Princess in the Tower

The snow-tinged wind howled out­side Lynessa’s tow­er, rat­tling the stained glass win­dows, demand­ing to be let in.

Chapter 2: The Wild Hunt

The horse–white as cur­dled milk–whinnied.

Chapter 3: Nothing is normal

In the morn­ing, Lynes­sa woke up in an unfa­mil­iar bed.


And here’s the final bit of the final scene of the sec­ond act (1st draft, but the action/scene is the same).

Still in her own thoughts she walked through the court­yard, weav­ing between the stalls. Slow­ly she became aware of the voic­es and point­ing. When she glanced up her eyes widened. The Vala, sprint­ing with her skirts gath­ered, grabbed her arm.

We need to get inside!” She gasped into her ear. “Come, child.”

Lynes­sa fol­lowed the seer, stum­bling as she stared back and up.

And then, there was dark­ness.


To re-iter­ate: Though I would love to see a WIP post from these love­ly ladies, it is entire­ly up to them and how much time they have.

  • H.M. Brooks — Friend and sprint­er, we’ve known each oth­er … since NaNo last year?
  • Cait Reynolds — Also known as Fiona Black­thorne, she writes hot erot­i­ca with inter­est­ing sto­ry­lines. Oh, and we word sprint =)
  • Kather­ine Lampe — Witch­es and hot Scot­tish men, oh my! Kather­ine and I learned to know each oth­er through the below nom­i­nee (She’s already done this, but she still rocks, so my nom­i­na­tion stands)
  • Angeli­na Williamson — Anoth­er good friend on Twit­ter. No idea how we learned to know each oth­er, but I enjoy talk­ing with her