A few days ago, I ended up talking a bit extra with the awesome Olivia Foust, one of many writerly tweeps I talk to on an irregular basis. For whatever reason we eventually ended up on her recent partaking in a WIP Blog Tour. She hadn’t nominated anyone, so suggested that if I was interested, she would.

I agreed, so here’s my contribution. I’m planning on nominating/linking to four of my other awesome tweeps, though I see no reason to pressure them if they are not interested in actually taking part (or, for that matter, have already done it). They’re still awesome.

My workspace

Laptop with paper mug of coffee

That picture’s taken on the train, showing Scrivener with this manuscript open, in particular at Chapter 4 (Unexpected Allies). The mug is a latte, and the yellow block is the cellphone I’m surfing via.


  • Link the person who nominated you
  • Share a bit about your WIP
  • Share the first sentence of your first 3 chapters
  • Nominate 4 people to do the same

Maw of Eternal Darkness

I have several WIPs, but decided to go with the one that I have the most written on. It’s Epic Fantasy (I also call it Young Adult, but I’ve had people claim it doesn’t feel that way, so I will leave that up in the air), set in a world inspired by the Norse mythology, as well as other sources of medieval/pre-medieval cultures. It is meant to be fantastic, and even in places have a sense of whimsy. To a large extent it follows the tropes of classic Swedish fairy tales such as Prince Hat Underground.

Originally it started as a small free-writing sketch that promised eroticism, with a barbarian kidnapping a princess from a tower. In the free-writing, the princess turned out to be chained to the wall, which intrigued me. After a while I wanted to get away from the normal tropes, so decided to make the barbarian female, but in the first version it ended coming off as transphobic (at least in my eyes), so I rewrote it.

In the current version, Lynessa is a princess in a somewhat English-esque kingdom called Keer. She is kidnapped by the Wild Hunt and taken to their keep of ice to be their Jarlswoman, the wife of the Jarl (think King) Vanlandi. Among the Northerners clans, gender is decided on the say-so of the spirits, not any physical characteristics, which confuses Lynessa as her supposed-husband is (per her) a woman.

When the Sun-Child (who is carried across the heavens by the Rider) is swallowed by the wolf hunting them, the young Jarl Vanlandi takes it on himself to recover the sun. The spirits–as interpreted by the Vala (Seer)–demand that Lynessa accompany him. Through their adventures, the damsel-y princess finds a strength within she would never have imagined.

My intentions are to post the first act–chapter by chapter, as I revise it to draft 2–on Wattpad, and once it’s finished decide whether I will go Indie publishing, or court an agent/publisher.

Chapter 1: The Princess in the Tower

The snow-tinged wind howled outside Lynessa’s tower, rattling the stained glass windows, demanding to be let in.

Chapter 2: The Wild Hunt

The horse–white as curdled milk–whinnied.

Chapter 3: Nothing is normal

In the morning, Lynessa woke up in an unfamiliar bed.


And here’s the final bit of the final scene of the second act (1st draft, but the action/scene is the same).

Still in her own thoughts she walked through the courtyard, weaving between the stalls. Slowly she became aware of the voices and pointing. When she glanced up her eyes widened. The Vala, sprinting with her skirts gathered, grabbed her arm.

“We need to get inside!” She gasped into her ear. “Come, child.”

Lynessa followed the seer, stumbling as she stared back and up.

And then, there was darkness.


To re-iterate: Though I would love to see a WIP post from these lovely ladies, it is entirely up to them and how much time they have.

  • H.M. Brooks — Friend and sprinter, we’ve known each other … since NaNo last year?
  • Cait Reynolds — Also known as Fiona Blackthorne, she writes hot erotica with interesting storylines. Oh, and we word sprint =)
  • Katherine Lampe — Witches and hot Scottish men, oh my! Katherine and I learned to know each other through the below nominee (She’s already done this, but she still rocks, so my nomination stands)
  • Angelina Williamson — Another good friend on Twitter. No idea how we learned to know each other, but I enjoy talking with her