SLcover-72p-9x6 Out in February 2014

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When her sister loses her house to Hurricane Sandy, Delaney Griffin welcomes the family into her home. Months later, with five noisy kids and an overbearing brother-in-law threatening her sanity, Delaney spends much of her free time at the wildlife refuge, which also works as her refuge. Still, the lack of privacy, along with space to dance, her only passionate release, causes her debilitating social anxiety to escalate.

Eli Forrester has come from small town Indiana to Barnegat, New Jersey with his company to help restore the coast. A high rise worker who loves new people and new places, he fears nothing, except water. When he accidentally kicks one of the sea critters Delaney is trying to help rescue, he is drawn to the quiet New Jersey girl. Unwilling to take her cues to leave her alone, Eli is alternately put off and turned on by her odd behavior.

Under shadow of devastation, fear, and forced separation, Delaney and Eli search for their own rescue light.

About the author

Ella M. Kaye is a pen name for author LK Hunsaker’s shorter, spicier romance line featuring dancers of various genres in lighthouse settings. They focus on the darker side of life, with such themes as devastating injury, destruction, and emotional trauma. At the end, though, there is always a light. Kaye’s forte is deep, fully drawn characterization. Find her at