Harlow Whittaker & the Soothsayers Cover

Stars: 4


Harlow Whittaker is a spunky nineteen-year-old who prefers sarcasm to letting people in. Her broken heart (due to her ex’s inability to accept the vision she had of her dead grandmother when she was twelve) quickly mends as she meets Larken. Can he be more dreamy? Motorcycle, leatherjacket, black angelic wings …

She is the first human soothsayer, and now she needs to find the other soothsayers, preferrably before one of the myriad of headhunters and other unsavoury creatures gets to her. By her side she has three guardians, known as Archers. Larken can travel through the worlds easier, Fin is a healer, and Hendrix has charms that can do the most impressive things.

Do they reach the Soothsayers? Now, that would be telling!

This is a really good read. A modern fantasy with interesting characters and nicely layered conflicts and action. I recommend it wholeheartedly, as it’s very well written. The sequel is coming out in June 2014.

The one thing that lowers the grade from 5 stars down to “only” 4 is that it’s lacking some in the editing. The point of views are occasionally a bit strange, and the occasional sentence is a touch awkward. However, don’t let that stop you from reading it. Valerie Day-Sánchez spins a very, very vivid world.