Antipathia Cover

Stars: 5


Never have I been happier to not see a book written in first person! Talitha Curie is, frankly, not a very likable person. She is an angsty teenager who’s completelly contrary with edges in every direction. That’s part of the charm of this book, though I’m glad it starts off with action in the first chapter. That, to me, buys the time for the author to make us start caring about Tal before things really get twisted.

The cast is interesting, from the overly chipper Danielle with her strong faith, through the mysterious (and really cute) Christophe and the frail Miranda who might collapse at a stiff breeze. I like the feeling of otherness

My main complaint about it? It was too short! I could’ve continued reading about them for several more thousand words after the story was finished, and it finished as strongly as it started. A real supernatural story drawing on elements of legends while putting its’ own twist to it.