• Writing Process

    As I’ve seen how other people work, I’ve decided that it’s time to share my process, from initial idea to a finished story.

  • Meet my character: Katja from A Burial Ground of Dreams

    I was kindly invited to this blog hop by the utterly lovely Candice Montgomery. She also helped me settle on introducing Katja, my ‘bisexual black Swedish fashion-designer-turned-Valkyria’. 1) What is the name of your character? I’m Katja. And this is … Continued

  • Stones at Greby Burial Field

    NaNoWriMo 2014

    Inspired by Sarah Kettle’s NaNo, I decided to post something as well. Last year’s NaNo was actually the same thing as the one I attempted 2012, but very much refocused. Since I finished the first draft, I’ve outlined the sequel … Continued

  • Ramblings

    “Mom, I never smile.” A nine-year-old me had already recognized one of the key differences between myself and my peers. It would, however, be another twelve years before my depression was diagnosed. We didn’t talk about mental issues. Not, I … Continued

  • Revision control for writers

    We all know about the more common ways of dealing with backup/revisions. It’s along these lines: Copy file Paste file Rename file with a date Copy folder with all the revisions to a spare harddrive/etc Now, I’m fairly techsavy (which … Continued

  • I need help! Something’s gone wrong!

    First, don’t panic. Everything’s going to feel better after a relaxing cup of tea. Second, let’s figure out the problem. I’m on Koding and I got X error/Y happened This is likely either a temporary hiccup or an actual bug. … Continued

  • I don’t know anything about programming

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on Koding lately. It’s been called Facebook for programmers, because it’s a combined activity feed and virtual machine that you can use for development. Outside of specific questions on how to do X … Continued

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