Old Fashioned image of Jon and I

I live in Swe­den and work at Pineber­ry in Stock­holm as a devel­op­er (main­ly PHP/WordPress, some Python) since 2012.

In my spare time I explore the new and cool things that pop up every so often, dis­card some fair­ly soon, though oth­ers stick with me. I am a bit of an inspi­ra­tion but­ter­fly, and jump from project to project aim­less­ly. I will write for a month or two, then do dig­i­tal art for a month or two, pick up the redesign of my page for the umpteenth time, etc. Unfor­tu­nate­ly these but­ter­fly ten­den­cies are paired with a cer­tain amount of per­fec­tion­ism, which is one of the rea­sons I lose inter­est: If I can’t get some­thing as awe­some as I want it to be, I just stop.


  • Clean code
  • Innovative solutions
  • Humanist serif fonts
  • Bad puns
  • Automation
  • Markdown for posts/pages


  • Repetive tasks
  • Hacks
  • Realist sans-serif fonts
  • Inline CSS and JavaScript (by hand or JavaScript)
  • Hard-to-reproduce bugs
  • What-you-see-is-kind-of-sort-of-what-you-get-in-the-worst-way-possible